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Summer Language Enrichment Activities for Preschoolers

Summer Language Enrichment Activities for Preschoolers

These summer themed language enrichment activities are perfect for parents to help improve their child’s receptive and expressive language skills over the summer in a fun and interactive way. These activities are appropriate for children ages 3 to five years old, who are either in preschool or will be entering preschool/pre-K.


Each week has a different theme, with four activities intended to be used one per day. However, you can complete as many as you’d like in a given day and move at your own pace. These activities are in a pdf download, which has website links. Activities are intended to be done on a computer, tablet or mobile device. You can either use the pdf links or copy the Google Slides to your Google account.


This download includes 48 summer-themed language-building activities.


The 12 themes are:

- Summer

- Ice cream

- Beach 1

- Beach 2

- Camping 1

- Camping 2

- Picnic

- Traveling 1

- Traveling 2

- Fourth of July

- Sports

- Baseball


There are 4 activities per theme. Included activities are:

Day 1: Read a digital book (Epic books)

Day 2: Watch a video (Youtube)

Day 3: Complete a digital activity (website or included Google Slides)

Day 4: Complete a hands-on activity (coloring worksheet or using household items)


The activities are a combination of:

  • Recommended websites
  • Five coloring worksheets
  • Four Google Slides™ activities
  • Vocabulary lists


To use these themed activities, you will need an account from Epic Books. You can sign up for a FREE Basic account, which allows you to read 1 free book per day. The hyperlinks in the download will open the book that you will be reading for that day. You can choose to let the book audio reader read aloud for you or pause the sound so you and your child can read at your own pace and talk about the book as you read. 


The five coloring worksheets that are included are:

  • Beach
  • Camping
  • Picnic
  • Traveling
  • Sports


The four Google Slides™ activities that are included are:

  • Summer Themed Spatial Concepts: Receptive
  • Summer Themed Spatial Concepts: Expressive
  • What Doing Questions | Sports Theme
  • -ing Verbs | Sports Theme



If you are an speech-language pathologist, SLPA, or educator who works with preschoolers and early intervention kids via telepractice, you can purchase this download and share it with students on your caseload or in your classroom.


We have a variety of themed lesson plans for SLPs working during the school year or summer for ESY.


Contact us at if you are interested in these lesson plans.


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